2018 Fall Semester early registration starts on April 29, 2018 to receive $25 off registration fee.  Early Registration ends on May 14, 2018. Check only please.

Notice: Tuition changes from 2018 fall semester as $140 for language class ans $70 for enrichment class; Parent Duty $50 per student will be collected separately.  Please prepare checks accordingly

2018 Fall Registration Form


2018 Spring Semester early registration starts on December 10, 2017 to receive $25 off registration fee.  Early Registration ends on Dec 17, 2017. Check only please.

Notice: Parent Duty $50 per student will be collected separately.  Please prepare checks accordingly


2017 Fall Semester early registration starts on April 30 to receive $25 off registration fee.  Early Registration ends on May 15, 2017. Check only please.

2017 Fall Registration Form


2017 Spring Semester Registration starts on Dec 11.  Early Registration ends on Dec 18 2016

2017 Spring Registration Form


2016 Fall Semester Registration starts on May 1; Early Registration ends on May 15 2016

2016 Fall Semester Registration Form


2016 Spring early registration starts coming Sunday Dec 6.  In order to receive $25 discount for early registration,  a complete registration with payment needs to be received before Dec 15.

We are offering a new Public Speaking class as a new enrichment class in addition to Weiqi(Go), Chess, Drawing, Dancing, Sport, Mathcounts, MentalMath, Speakup classes.  No tuition change.  Please see registration form for details. 

You can still download the registration form at the top of this message and fill it out beforehand to save you time. 

Early registration for 2015 Fall Semester starts this coming Sunday May 3 at school.  There will be no tuition change.  In addition to the current K to 11 Zhongwen classes, we will offer MaLiPing Classes from Grade 1 through Grade 3 . Also we have not finalized details about math enrichment class so it will not be available for signup at this time. 

To new family:
  • Please download the registration form from at the top of this message and fill it out beforehand. 
To all families:
  • We only accept check for payment. Please make check payable to HXCS@Mason.
  • If you register before May 17, there will be a $25 off registration fee.  Last semester we only have 3 families (sorry) out of 138 that paid full registration fee. It is understandable that fall semester is little different but please keep in mind your early registration helps a lot in terms of class placement, textbook purchase, classroom arrangement and a lot of other things.
  • Please put your FamilyID on check's memo line.
  • You will receive a separate email reminder for your FamilyID and your payment made last semester. So if your family has no registration change in terms of the number of students, class selection, etc, you can prepare the check with the same amount.  
  • After a lot of discussion with teachers and parents, we offer the following migration path for families who are interested in MaLiPing(MLP) class.
    • Current Zhongwen Grade 1 and Grade 2 student can sign up for MLP1 class next semester
    • Current Zhongwen Grade 3 student can sign up for MLP2 class next semester
    • Current MLP2 class will move up to MLP3 class as normal
    • Current Grade K student will NOT be offered MLP class yet. They will go directly to the current Zhongwen Grade 1 first before they can make a choice between MLP and Zhongwen class one year later.
    • You can contact us directly if there is a special need.

Archived info below

2015 Spring Semester Registration Form


2015 Spring Semester Registration starts soon. There is a good news and a bad news.

First of all, We are adjusting our fee structure by removing late fee, increasing registration fee from $15 to $40 but with early registration receiving $25 discount. So the good news is that you actually will not see any registration fee change before the early registration ends.

The bad news (actually it is not that bad) is that early registration ends on Dec. 14. Yes, you read it right. It ends on Dec. 14, the last day of this current semester to receive this discount.  So spread out the word during Thanksgiving gathering - to not see an increase in payment, register early! After Dec 14, you will pay the increased $40 registration fee. 

I want to make sure all parents understand this change in registration is to make a better school experience overall. Early registration can help school prepare for classrooms, teachers, student placement, textbook, etc. It is critical for a successful start of school.  Let's get used to this - Early registration ends early.

You can come to school from 2PM - 5PM on Dec. 7 or Dec.14 for in-person registration. Please bring your check, preparing with your family ID # on the memo place and making check payable to HXCS@Mason. You can find your family ID here. If you can't come to school these two days, you can  fill out the registration form and mail it out with a check to P.O.Box 861, Mason OH 45040. We do have to receive your registration by 12/13 for the discount if you have to mail the registration form.