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Introducing CSL and Martial Art Classes

posted Oct 12, 2016, 8:10 PM by Frank Luo
Dear HXCS Families and Friends,

I cannot believe that we are into the week 7 of the school. A few key dates that I would like to refresh your memory. Next week (week 8) will be our mid-term and kids will have the mid term quiz. Nov 6 will be daylight saving time change. Nov 27 will be no school holiday.

The school will open CSL and martial art classes after mid-term week. As an exception, the registration and tuition will be the half of the regular ones.

CSL: Chinese as the second language class. The Chinese will be taught by English and Chinese. This is good for students that had very little Chinese experiences. It will be targeted for kids from 5 to 7. Class time will be 2PM to 4PM.

Martial art: Traditional Chinese Kung-fu will be taught by a professional master. The class time will be 4PM to 5PM.

Both classes are supported by Confucius Institute @ Miami. Both teachers are certified by the Department of Chinese Education. Please stop by the office or send me an email for any questions or registrations.


Gang Liu
Principal, HXCS@Mason